Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Quick Update!

This is getting really really exciting now! The DT applications are pouring in and yes I do mean pouring! Every application as of midnight Tuesday 20th July should have received a confirmation email from me advising them that their DT submission arrived safely ... so if you sent an application in before that time and have n't heard from me ... well you need to send it again because I have not received it!
At the time of typing this we have just over 130 followers ... in three days ... not bad huh? This is going to be sooooooo much fun ... Don't forget to tell all your friends too!
And don't forget ... there is still time ... if you want to be on the best DT around ... well apply before Friday 23rd July 2010 ... You know it makes sense!


  1. Hiya Linda, what did you say 130 followers?? Better check it again hihih...142 allready..wow, just fabulous that you have received so many applications...Lots of good luck to all of you ladies out there....
    Hugs Terry xxxx

  2. Wow those followers are building up fast.

    Good luck with choosing your Super DT.


  3. shhhhhh stop telling everyone - I want a place LOL :D
    Glad its going down well :D
    Julie xx

  4. Hey girl...I keep coming back over here every day to see whom I am up against but what the shocker is for me is how those followers are building up so fast!!! I love it!

  5. 182 followers ... Wow, this is going to be super duper exciting stuff.

  6. now over 190, way to go linda and the sss team, shame i missed the call but dont envy you having to pick your team

  7. oh wow can wait to see who is selected,and my am I nervous,or what just wanted to wish all applicants,the best of luck,hugs cheryl xxxxx


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